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​​New Duct Sanitization Service!

We remove all grills and use a "fogging" machine to spray a fine mist of Calgon Biofresh® throughout your system. This process eliminates odors, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi in evaporator coils, condensation drain pans, filters, and 


We strongly recommend this to people who suffer

from allergies or other related conditions. Please

call our office for a quote or to speak with our

specialist if you have any other questions.

Prices start at $250 per system.

*This is a great alternative to vacuuming ductwork and a better choice for South Florida Homes!*

​​Biofresh is safe for people, pets, plants, & aquariums.

*Celebrating 23 Years of Service*

We participate in FPL's Energy Saving Program.

State License #CAC056625